Getting started with a new online venture

You may not have a website or a social media presence, or you may have them but they aren’t working for you, so where should you start and how do you go about doing it? It is at this juncture that we can do most good.

Creative juice flows freely across the UK. Every day, new ideas are dreamt up in a back garden shed and new partnerships are forged out of an existing business, and it’s only a matter of time that your latest idea or partnership needs an online presence. To establish one, Occam first helps you lay a solid foundation upon which you can use it to build your campaign and attract the right audience. Our audit, analysis and planning process has helped many customers get off on the right foot.

Begin with the end in mind

A new business, a new venture, a new online initiative, a new service – every project benefits if you start with the end in mind.

Every company goes through this process, either as a natural part of the start-up process or as part of developing the company’s product and service offerings. No matter what the objective, Occam’s approach when assisting clients through this process is the same: to develop a solid understanding of the task ahead based on a thorough market analysis that explores both opportunity and threat from competitors.

What we focus on to get started

  • review your business objectives
  • analyse your market dynamics
  • identify your competitors
  • conduct search term discovery
  • identify niche strategies
  • outline a unique plan for your business online
  • use our resources to manage an build what you need

We begin with an audit that reveals your own capabilities, in terms of your existing online assets and internal strengths and weaknesses. We explore the characteristics of your target market and seek to identify specific personas within that audience. Knowing your competitors and their key strengths and weaknesses is a vital part of our analysis, as this often results in a reality check and sometimes a surprising wake up call for clients.

Key services

If you engage Occam at this stage of your project’s lifecycle, you can expect the following services to be available to you:

  1. Audit – a review of your web strategy, your web and social media assets, market and competition
  2. An analysis of your current web asset performance and improvements are priorities
  3. Review and analysis of existing paid marketing campaigns and improvement recommendations
  4. Digital marketing strategy creation
  5. Consultancy

Starting a new project online? Why not get off with the best possible start?

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