Building what you need, only what you need

While it’s easy to believe that everyone needs a website, that may not necessarily be the best approach, or at least not the highest priority.

Your ability to reach an intended audience depends upon how the audience actually consumes the information you have to offer  (website, social, mobile, app, etc.), whether it’s just information or it’s a product or service. Occam will help you review your requirements and help you decide upon the best means to reach your audience and how to build it. 

Occam has the resources to create websites, including eCommerce sites, highly visual experiential sites, social media experiences and mobile apps.

If you have new ideas that challenge current technologies or need to leverage new technology, such as augmented reality and VR experiences, we’d be happy to assist in developing the plans and assembling the resources to help you reach your goals.

Experience to benefit you

Naturally, we’ve built many websites across several industries and we’d be pleased to share these with you. They include sites for travel (the World Travel Guide is one), transportation, finance, law, medical, F&B, and the Government.

Our key experience though is in understanding ‘what’ to build. It’s a mistake to just jump in and build a site and then decide how you want to use it. As crazy as it sounds companies still do it. It usually starts with initial conversations with a web development company of web designer.

While there are plenty of these companies who do consider what your business is actually trying to achieve, they cannot hope to match a company like Occam, whose first consideration is what you are trying to achieve. Our approach is to review your business strategy and objectives first, so we can determine exactly what it is you should be building.

What follows is a very brief overview of how our process works.

Key aspects of the service we provide include:

  • Exploratory session to establish your online objectives
  • A needs analysis based on your goals and objectives
  • Platform choices
  • Website information architecture strategy
  • Complete information architecture specification
  • Content strategy
  • Specifications, wire-framing, prototyping
  • Development planning and project management
  • Full development service

Before we begin

We don’t believe in building for the sake of building, or just running straight from a client’s brief. Experience has taught us that a review of your objectives for the website, both technically and more importantly, commercially, is very important.

The first thing you’ll see from us is a description of what we believe your online market looks like and the best routes to achieve your objective. We’ll describe what an implementation would look like. Where websites are concerned, it’s essential to define the information strategy and architecture which is critical to achieving any success through organic search.

Occam’s strength is in being able to identify potential pitfalls in marketing strategy before you commit to building something concrete through which you hope to realise your objectives. In fact, we get more clients coming to us with projects that have failed or simply haven’t lived up to initial expectations, simply because it wasn’t fully thought through. 

While this may introduce a small additional period in the project plan, it’s usually well worth it and saves money in the long run.

User experience and design

Our designers will take our recommendations for your information architecture and conversion methods, and turn this into a design with a user experience reflect both your brand’s persona and the user journey through to conversion.

Once we’ve met and discussed your initial objectives and our thoughts on what you actually need to build, we’ll produce initial wireframes that show how information will be laid out. From this, we’ll produce initial designs, including branding, typography and imagery for your review, adjustment and approval. Once approved, the project moves into the development phase.

How our web and app development works

Our developers use Agile methodologies to achieve your web development objectives within a tightly controlled timeline and budget.

Pre-production phase 

We will initially meet with you to receive the project brief and scope. We’ll work with you to determine if this will indeed achieve your goals as part of the ‘Before we begin’ exercise. From this, we will develop an initial project plan that accommodates any additional thinking and adjustments to the brief and deliverable schedule.

The first deliverable is the project specification. This clearly identifies the full scope of the project and sets final budget expectations. Once this has been agreed, we will produce a project plan and get sign-off.

Production phase

You’ll not hear much from us during this phase unless your own staff are involved in some manner. We will report on agreed milestones and alert you to any issues that arise or unforeseen issues with the specification.

Once we have a development prototype, and once we have completed our own quality assessments, we will make it available for you to view on our own protected servers. We will then enter into an evaluation phase.

Evaluation phase

During this phase, you’ll get to see what we’ve built and have the chance to make adjustments.

Once you have signed off on finals changes, we will be ready to commission the site on either your own hosting or that arrange by ourselves.

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