But are they buying?

There’s nothing worse than having many prospects but not customers. Whether your conversion point is to buy a product or just call you to talk, you need visitors to take action.

Visitors, but no conversions

The same is true of any online presence, whether a shop or a business’s service pages. Visitors can be tracked as they journey through your website, but if they don’t take the actions you desire, your business will fail. It’s important then, to understand the user journey and the conversion process. 

It doesn’t matter if you run a ‘bricks-and-mortar’ business or an online business, all visitors share three common attributes:

      • Intent
      • Expectation
      • Desired outcome

Often, the problem relates to a site that’s really been designed to give a great visual impression, but little consideration has been given to how people actually use the site and what your visitors need or expect to see, based on why they came there.

Just some of the issues we uncover

  • You’re getting the wrong visitors.
  • Visitor’s intent is not matched
  • Visitor’s expectations are not met
  • Confusing user journey
  • Lack of a clear value proposition
  • Lack of authority
  • Not addressing visitors questions
  • Technical issues with the site

First impressions are everything

You visitors may have found your site in a search engine like Google, through a paid advertisement or a post on a social media site. When they reach your site, what they think of it and the next step they take are crucial.

Occam will review the visitor’s journey through your site, depending upon their origin and likely intentions.

Key services

If you engage Occam at this stage of your project’s lifecycle, you can expect the following services to be available to you:

  1. A review of your campaigns key objectives, desired outcomes, key performance metrics, audience characteristics and campaign channels and strategies.
  2. An analysis of campaign performance and where improvements need to be made inline with your business priorities.
  3. A review of user journey and conversion factors.
  4. Organic and social media traffic conversion strategies.
  5. Recommendations for landing pages and page conversion attributes
  6. For paid campaigns, A/B testing of both campaign ads and landing pages.
  7. New ad and landing page creation.

Not enough visitors converting? Suspect a problem with your site?

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