How to pay for visibility legitimately

For many businesses, achieving visibility in organic search results can take its time, often, considerable time. The short-cut to visibility is through paid campaigns.

There are many different options where paying for traffic to your website is concerned. Here though, we are talking about paid ‘search’ campaigns, such as Google Adwords or Bing Ads. 

Achieving organic rankings takes a lot of time and so having a way to almost immediately get in front of your desired audience is critical, and this is where search marketing comes in. A well constructed PPC campaign on Adwords or those from alternative search engines, such as Bing, can generate lead bearing traffic in a matter of a few hours.

PPC campaigns come in many forms too:

      • Regular PPC text ads
      • Display advertising
      • Retargeting
      • Native ads

There are both search-based PPC and social media based PPC campaigns too, something we specifically differentiate carefully between and have different methodologies for. So for social PPC campaigns check out our social media marketing page.

Occam provides PPC campaigns for clients at different levels; from just conducting the initial research and keyword analysis required to set up effective campaigns, creating effective PPC ads to managing the whole shebang. 

Key aspects of the service we provide include:

  • A review of your search marketing objectives and expected ROI
  • A full audit of any existing campaigns and performance
  • Keyword, key ‘phrase’ and conversational search research
  • Campaign set up, ad creation, landing page creation and optimisation
  • Ongoing performance analysis
  • A/B campaign testing
  • Reporting

How Occam helps you generate new business and develop visibility for your brand

Quite simply, any business can generate leads from day one with an effective PPC campaign; no need to wait for search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns to bear fruit. Naturally, you need a reasonable budget. What’s reasonable? That really depends upon your own goals and whether they are realistic or not (an issue we address from the outset) and whether you have the budget to mount an effective campaign. 

Above all, our campaigns focus on personalisation and authenticity.

Adwords type campaigns

If you operate in a highly competitive space where keyword bids are expensive and beyond your budget; an example would be ‘personal injury’, where bids can be many tens of pounds to over a hundred pounds per click, we can help identify alternative PPC strategies to get you noticed.

Our keyword research explores how people do their own research that could lead to uncovering the types of services your business offers. We take both direct and lateral approaches to this. 

Social media type campaigns

While working in a very similar manner to Adwords, campaigns run through social media sites need different considerations to applied. For many years, ads on social media sites were considered an intrusion, as socials media users saw their individual pages as ‘personal’ not commercial. Times have changed, but respecting this aspect of social advertising is still important.

Occam works diligently with clients to identify appropriate audience touch points, often developing messaging that informs and educates rather than overtly pitching products or services. of course, there are many instances where a pure product or service pitch is appropriate and we work with that too.

Native advertising

The main attraction is that your ads will appear on many websites run by other substantial media brands with significant viewership. The goal is to attract people to click on the ad and bring them to either your website or social media property, just like other PPC campaigns. The main difference though is that the audience can be enormous, typified by impression counts in the hundreds-of-thousands, sometimes millions, depending on the geographic breadth of your campaign. The eventual cost-per-click can be in the region of a few ‘pence’ per click rather than a few pounds typical with regular competitive Adwords campaigns.

What does success look like?

The ultimate success of any PPC campaign is measured by how well it converts. Visits to your site are most welcome and PPC does a tremendous job at doing that, but new business is what you really want. Our performance measurement services are instrumental in determining this and ‘reshaping’ campaigns proactively.

Success also depends on what outcome you were looking for. Some types of PPC campaign are designed to generate significant brand ‘visibility’ rather than just clicks. These campaigns invariably involve display or ‘native’ type advertising. These are characterised by either a PPC based charging structure, or CPM based charging; the latter based on per thousand impressions. If mass visibility is something you require, then an impressions based campaign, such as native advertising or Google display ads are something to consider.

Measuring these types of visibility enhancing campaigns extends beyond conventional site analytics. We also look at how much ‘buzz’ your messages may be creating. Citations by other influencers, social mentions as well as regular clicks, are all metrics to measure success by.

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