Where are all the people?

Building a good presence online through an optimised website is the first and necessary step. What you need now are visitors.

Great site, no visitors?

The web is littered with sites that look great, but their owners are wondering why nobody is visiting them. Imagine an orchestra spending months practising for a grand performance only for nobody to turn up because nobody knew about it except those people involved and those closest to them. Sound familiar?

Developing an audience and reaching out to them are something at the heart of what Occam does.

It’s fair to assume that businesses understand the importance of good content to advertising and search engine optimisation, strategies, but developing an audience and reaching out to them is a different proposition and something at the heart of what Occam does.

Content alone is not enough

The key to reaching your audience and driving visibility for your brand and services is great content and this lies at the heart of our holistic marketing strategies. But, it’s not enough by itself. 

How we get you noticed

  • Identify how people search for your services
  • Match site architecture with your market
  • Identify key content requirements
  • Optimise content
  • Create intuitive navigation
  • Build relationships Google understands

Combining different elements of the digital marketing, Occam ensures that your message is heard, and can inspire them to drive valuable visitors to your site.

Content is multi-media

Written content is only one tool. We use video, stunning imagery, presentation material and even podcasts to deliver an authentic experience to your audience.

By focusing on the unique qualities and personalities within your brand, we aim to make you a beacon in your market.

Key services

If you engage Occam at this stage of your project’s lifecycle, you can expect the following services to be available to you:

  1. A review of your campaigns key objectives, desired outcomes, key performance metrics, audience characteristics and keyword strategy.
  2. A review of your existing content base, and performance in search engines and social media.
  3. An analysis of your content’s strengths and weaknesses to identify where it may be underperforming.
  4. A review of the top performing search competitors in your target market space and recommendations as to how to improve your own content creation programs.
  5. Search and social content creation strategy and editorial schedule development
  6. Full content creation service

Concerned about your search visibility? Do you need more site visitors?

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