Having a great digital marketing strategy is the cornerstone of success

Occam’s strategy consulting service provides a complete and detailed review of your business’s online objectives, its longer term aspirations and the tools that need to be created to make that a reality. We take nothing for granted and look under rocks you didn’t know you had.

Getting strategy right first time

“Begin with the end in mind” may sound a little clichéd these days, but when it comes to building a successful online strategy, nothing could be more true. 

It’s obviously ideal if your strategy is fit for purpose right out of the gate. The reality is that this is seldom the case. Often small tweaks are needed to an otherwise good strategy, but more often, we find that strategies can quickly break down, particularly if the platform used to execute them, a website, social venue, outreach campaign or app, was ill conceived. 

typically, there are three events where our digital marketing strategy services are invaluable to clients. 

From ideation to conception

The first is at the initial ideation stage of a new online business venture or where a new product or service is being considered. We call this stage “Conception.”

We critically analyse your plans, taking a wholly objective and unbiased approach. We look at your target market, the intended audience and the competitive landscape.

Our objective is to identify how your target audience not only consumes information, which impacts the best choice of delivery mechanism, but also what information is best delivered and the experience that should be created through an online venue to engage them. 

This approach will ensure that what gets built not only serves as an excellent engagement platform, but will serve as an effective, scaleable marketing platform for years to come.

Key aspects of the service we provide include:

  • Strategy review with original architects or business principles
  • An audit that examines your target market and it’s audience dynamics, particularly in regard to search
  • Recommendations covering, delivery platform strategy, outreach and engagement strategy.
  • Technical recommendations for delivery platforms, particularly websites
  • Information architecture recommendations that support engagement and conversion goals.

Strategy for when things are not working out

The second event that can trigger our involvement is when what appeared to be the ‘best laid plans’ don’t, in fact, work. This scenario is typified by the ‘visibility’ and ‘Conversion’ phases. In these circumstances, clients have determined that there’s a serious problem with wither their platform or the strategies they have in place. Occam becomes a troubleshooter to figure out why a site isn’t getting the traffic it expected or why people who do visit are not converting as expected or desired. You can expect us to leave no stone unturned, examining the basis of the original strategy, how your platform was developed, its SEO performance, engagement and conversion capabilities, the effectiveness of its content and that of your outreach campaigns. The deliverable is a concise and forthright summary of the issues found and a plan to rectify them.

Strategy challenges during your Growth phase

Lastly, Occam makes a trust worthy online strategy advice companion for the journey ahead. During the ‘Growth’ phase of an online venture, opportunities and threats abound. As you become successful, you inevitably attract the attention of competitors, either those you threaten directly  or those that aspire to emulate your success. Also, markets change and your audiences needs may shift requiring a change in approach, particularly where content and content marketing is concerned. As a strategy partner, Occam works with you, regularly reviewing the performance of your delivery platform, digital channels to market, audience trends and changes search engine algorithms that could significantly impact your existing strategies.

Flexibility in approach

Every business is unique, be that in product offering, the personalities within the business or just down to having a unique outlook or perspective on a market. Occam works to match your organisational and operational needs with a series of strategies and activities that compliment your own capabilities, either as part of your team or as a wholly outsourced entity.

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