The 'music and colour' behind digital marketing

Occam believes that there is only one form of marketing and that’s content marketing. It's not enough today just to have good content, it has to be exceptional content designed to create an outstanding experience for your target market. And then, you have to reach out with it.

Search engines no longer display results based on pure keywords alone. Consumers look for information and answers from sites that are authoritative and trustworthy. Depth of authentic and experiential content is key to meeting this expectation.

No matter which way you look at it, content is at the core of any online strategy that demands the attention of a specific target audience. It’s also not enough to just place content on your site. You have to promote it through the many channels at your disposal today.

Our content marketing services

Content marketing is usually part the holistic digital marketing strategy Occam creates for your business. It starts by fully understanding what the intended outcome is (start with the end in mind), what success looks like and how it will be measured. After understanding the objectives, Occam researches and devises a content strategy. Typically, this is based on identifying key personas within your target audience. From this, specific types of content and messaging can be developed, which translates to specific online user experiences that need to be created on your website or social media venue.

Generating brand awareness for specific products or services requires active promotion, even if you have achieved search visibility. Attracting new visitors by appealing to them through messaging that may relate ‘laterally’ as well as directly, provides a diverse approach to increasing your audience reach.

Key aspects of the service we provide include:

  • A full review of any existing content marketing campaigns
  • An analysis of your target audience
  • A review of your existing online content and performance
  • Developing an engagement strategy
  • Developing the right audience experience
  • Outreach campaign strategy development
  • Campaign management
  • Conversion strategies
  • Performance tracking metrics


Occam uses multiple approaches to amplify your brand’s message. Our content marketing campaigns utilise a holistic balance of highly optimised and or localised search campaigns, outreach campaigns, social media and native advertising.

No substitute for exceptional content

Today, great content isn’t enough. Content has to be exceptional. Content has to be personalised. Content has to be engaging. 

Achieving this requires considerable effort which starts with a thorough understanding of the audience and the relationship they may have or need to have with your product or service.  A direct pitch may not be appropriate and so informational or educational content may be the order of the day.

The goal is to establish your business as an authority in the area that your product or service provides benefits.  We focus on creating ‘hubs’ of knowledge. This provides search engines with the depth of content that helps establish both trust (when other sites link to it) and authority. In turn, this assists with search engine rankings and the traffic that represents.

Content creation is Occam’s core strength

By analysing your business and market at the outset of our engagement with you, we are able to research your target audiences motivations, key touch points, trends personas and interests. This enables us to not only create content that appeals directly to your audience but also to derive the KPI’s that will be used to measure the content’s performance.

Occam has created content for a wide range of clients, including the legal and accounting sectors, transportation, medical and high-tech industries. Our key strength though is in the travel space, leveraging our activities with Columbus Travel Media and the World Travel guide.

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