Achieving visibility for B2B and B2C service providers

Developing online ‘personas’ to assist our professional service clients to identify and reach out to their key individuals within their target audience, is an essential element in the service we offer.

A diverse client base and experience

Professional services cover an extensive range of businesses; from solicitors, accountants, medical service professionals, the creative industry, consulting firms, health & wellness, financial services, wealth & investment, the list is long, but all have a common issue: to be able to communicate what they do to people who either don’t fully understand what they do and how they can help or that they actually need help but don’t know it. 

Our process starts with understanding your audience’s needs first. Many professional services firms websites and other online venues, appear very self-serving and self-centric; i.e. the messaging is all about them, with the potential audience almost an afterthought.

By starting with a customer first approach to messaging, Occam identifies the messaging and communication channels to reach people who may not even realise our client can be of assistance. We also consider the longer term aspects of acquiring customers too. For instance, younger people don’t necessarily recognise the importance of solid financial advice and long-term wealth planning, starting with a pension.

We tackle the issue by creating aspirational and lifestyle content that challenges the thinking of those audiences and leads them to more critical thinking about their future needs.

Key aspects of our services include:

  • Initial discussions around your business objectives and goals
  • Market and services audit
  • Audience persona analysis
  • Key industry trends
  • Content creation strategy
  • Editorial schedule creation and management
  • Search engine optimisation inlcluding local search visibility requirements
  • Social media content creation and services
  • Paid search and social marketing initiatives

Aspirational and needs based content

This type of content figures highly in the strategies we create for our professional services digital marketing clients. While most certainly detailing the range of professional services and portfolio products our clients offer, we also create a wealth of informative content and insightful opinion that leads readers to think about the value of our clients services and helps position the services, often very complex in nature, such as tax planning, pensions and wealth management, in terms the layman can understand and most importantly, see benefit and value in.

A process that puts your goals first

Starting with the end in mind, we explore your objectives with you and your expectations from the online channel. In particular, how this may augment existing business development channels or the need to supplant more traditional client acquisition methods so typical in this area.

A typical example is the over-reliance on traditional word of mouth in financial services and accounting businesses. Generational changes mean that these channels have less importance in the initial phases of a younger person’s research. GenX and Millennials may have used comparison sites, online reviews and social media to determine who they’d prefer to work with before any conversation takes place. This is a can be a game changer for many ‘old school’ professional service firms actively looking to increase business from this sector.

Once we have a clear view as to where you want to go, we will conduct an audit of your business’s existing online strategy and assets, and produce a plan that clearly identifies a road map of the task ahead to achieve your identified goals. We’ll work with you to tailor that plan to meet your budget expectations or help reset that expectation, as often many of the issues we bring to your attention may not have been fully considered during your own budgeting exercise for marketing. If we don’t think we can help, we will be transparent and tell you so up-front and not just try and make do.

Experience to benefit you

Our clients are quite a varied bunch and cover a wide range of professional service firms.

Financial services & accountants

We work with accountants, IFA’s and tax planners. Some, we’ve been instrumental in growing their businesses substantially, in one case form a small local office in Watford, to an operation that now runs out of 15 offices around the South East of England. We’re regularly advising clients in how to shift their emphasis and take advantage of new or ‘lateral’ services they are qualified to offer. One example is helping accountants market advisory services, deriving new channels of fee income.

Business Intelligence & Security

Another long-standing client. Occam assisted the firm to recover from a damaging Google penalty brought about by the actions of a previous web & SEO firm. Today the firm, who specialises in an array of business intelligence, asset tracing and legal support services, enjoys the benefits of having a Google page 1 presence for over 40 top search terms. Occam provides almost all of this clients marketing services and advises the company’s founders on new business opportunities too.

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